Thank you for stumbling upon me! I hope you’ll stay a while. Being my first post, please be patient as I put memories to paper…or keyboard, and share with you my travel experiences over the years.

Like many of you who have an unceasing urge to travel or “wanderlust” as it’s called, I too have never felt comfortable sitting still for too long, before I hop out of my seat and choose the next adventure to go on.

I’ve seen a lot, but not nearly as much as other fellow travellers, but isn’t it nice to share those memories and experiences with others, if only to inspire others to travel too.

I’ll take you through the arid deserts of America to the steamy jungles of Costa Rica, the cobble-stoned cities of Europe to the black and red sand beaches of Hawaii (perhaps you see the inspiration for the name of this blog).

I’m also a practical person, and love quick and digestible information, so rather than be wordy and poetic about my travels, I want to provide them to you in a way you will appreciate – simple and concise. Just for you!

And, if I am so lucky to earn your “follow”, then I hope you can share your experiences with me too.

Happy travels!